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Pops is a wise, smart, and protective Barrel that is married to Mimi Barrel and has two Barrel children. He leads the Barrel family from city to city to help with construction and teaches the children interesting historical facts about each city, state, and country they visit. He likes fast cars, history, and art. He doesn’t like nails in the road because they make fast cars have flat tires.


Mimi is married to Pops Barrel and has two small Barrel children. She keeps the Barrel family together and makes sure they are healthy and prepared for the weather for each city they visit. She collects souvenirs and takes lots of pictures in each city they visit. She likes warm weather and going to different restaurants in various cities. Mimi loves geography and instills that love in her family.


Donaven is the oldest of the Barrel children. He is very curious and is always asking Pops Barrel questions about the city where they are helping with construction. He likes to have a lot of fun and can be very silly, but he works very hard at the same time to make Pops Barrel proud. He likes sports teams, geography, and fast cars like his father but he doesn’t like vegetables.


Danielle is the youngest of the Barrel children and keeps the whole family laughing with her silly jokes. She is very sweet and loving and always wants to do what her big brother does. She likes ice cream, history, and her stuffed animals, however, Danielle does not like yucky bugs.

Stop Sign

Stop Sign is a friend of the Orange Barrel family. He also works at the construction sites along with the Orange Barrels. He loves to eat and tells the Orange Barrels the best places to eat in the different cities they visit.


Jackhammer is a friend of the Orange Barrel family and works at the constructions sites along with the Orange Barrel family. Jackhammer is an expert in sports and tells the Orange Barrel family which teams play in every city they visit. Jack also is knowledgeable about important and famous historical figures.

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