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Create Across The Curriculum

For Pre-K to 3rd Grade


“From the moment my students picked up Patterson’s first book, “The Orange Barrels in Georgia,” until they put it down, they immersed themselves in discussion about other states that they would like to explore. This book presents some interesting facts to children in an ingenious way which they will remember. As one travels along with the construction barrels, I really like how real-world connections could be established. Thanks to Patterson, primary teachers will find his series to be a must-use during their social studies instruction. Parents will even find themselves wanting to read each book to their own children."

James Davis / Teacher / Amazon Review / The Orange Barrels in Georgia (Paperback)

"A must-use in the classroom! "
5.0 out of 5 stars

“The Orange Barrels in Ohio” is an excellent book for elementary age children. Children take a virtual field trip through Ohio. The book offers such rich historical lessons of the national landmarks of Ohio. The inclusion of the maps also, helps with teaching geography skills about Ohio to younger children. This book is a great way to teach students the important facts that make their state special. The language is written in “kid friendly” terms, so it is easy and interesting to read. The addition of the guided reading questions at the end of the book opens up to have extended conversations in a classroom setting. Also, students have an opportunity to share where they would like to visit next and make their own book. This book would be beneficial to any teacher in any state."

LaWanda Webb, Ed.S / Teacher Review / The Orange Barrels in Ohio (Paperback)

“Our visit from the Orange Barrels was wonderful! Darren interacted with all the kids so well. Being able to connect with 2 year olds up to middle schoolers is not easy, but Darren kept them all excited and engaged! It's so great to see kids excited about the books and geography. I would highly recommend a visit from the Orange Barrels - it will not disappoint."

Carolyn McCord / 4th & 5th Grade Writing Teacher / The Atlanta Academy

"Our visit from the Orange Barrels was wonderful!"

Euteevia Scott / Amazon Review / The Orange Barrels in Georgia (Paperback)

5.0 out of 5 stars

“I recently purchased the Georgia edition of The Orange Barrels series for my four year old son and he LOVES this book!! Every night my husband and I reads it to him, his favorite character is Donaven & Jackhammer. Because of this book he knows that he lives in Atlanta, Ga.Mr. Patterson personalized my son's book by signing it and giving him bookmarks and stickers, which was cherry on top. We are excited about the Ohio edition and looking forward to many to come!! Thank you Darren, keep them coming :)"

Melissa Singh / M.S. L.I.S. / Library Media Specialist/ The Atlanta Academy

"The Orange Barrels series is highly engaging for students."

“These are not the typical state books that only seem to circulate once a year in libraries, they incorporate fun facts that interest students and make learning about states fun. Students across all grade levels enjoyed the author's presentation and loved when the Orange Barrel made an appearance. One of the highlights was when the author led Middle School students in Reader's Theatre, it was a fun visit."

"This book would be beneficial to any teacher in any state."
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