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Pops Barrel

Interview with Pops Barrel

Interviewer: If some one says who is Pops Barrel, how would you respond?

Pops: Well my family will say that I am wise, smart, and protective. I have a great family. As your read the books in The Orange Barrels series you will get to know me a little more.

Interviewer: Do you enjoy spending time with your family?

Pops: Of course, I have a great family! Mimi Barrel and I have helped protect road workers, pedestrians, and drivers for years before our children, Donaven and Danielle, came along. Having the job as a construction barrel gives me the chance to talk with my family and interact with them all the time. It gives me a chance to point out cool facts and information to my kids when we travel. For instance, do you know how Ohio got its name?

Interviewer: No I don't

Pops: The word Ohio means "great river and that comes from the Iroquois Native Americans.

Interviewer: I know you are very busy, so what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Pops: I enjoy fast cars, seeing fast cars and occasionally driving them. I like to take Mimi out to a nice dinner when ever we have time. I also like to visit museums, in each place we visit we usually get a chance to visit the museums. History and art are two of my favorite subjects so I enjoy visiting Art museums and museums of natural history. I also like visiting museums of presidents and different people, you can learn a lot from these visits.

Interviewer: What is the hardest part of your job?

Pops: People often think that we are a nuisance, that we slow down traffic and cause problems. Actually, we are there to help. Imagine if the world did not have orange barrels, the streets would be chaotic. When a road is being repaired who would make sure that cares stay in their lane and protect the workers? Not my cousins, the orange cones because they are to small, people might not see them. When we are on the road we are there to help, help make sure cars don't drive into pot holes, unpaved parts of the road, construction areas and more. And we have to endure different weather conditions also. So treat us nicely and say thank you sometimes.

Interviewer: I'm sure people will feel weird talking to you, but I guess they can safely take a picture with you. Thank you Pops Barrel. Any final words?

Pops: Thanks for taking the time to interview me, follow our blog which will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays and make sure you support by purchasing a book or two. Visit to see updates to our website and what else is new.

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