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Orange Barrels-The Beginning

How The Orange Barrels Were Born

The idea for The Orange Barrels series was born about 15 years ago in my hometown of Cleveland, OH. Staring out the car window on a Saturday morning, my friends and I were talking about our favorite morning cartoons. While singing some of our favorite theme songs, orange construction barrels came into my line of sight. Barrel after barrel distracted me from my childhood memories. I said jokingly to my friends, "Hey! I'm going to make a book or cartoon about these orange barrels! It will be about a family of barrels that travel from state to state and they will teach children information about each place they visit." We all laughed until our sides hurt. A cartoon of orange construction barrels?! No way, that's crazy. And then one person said..."Wait, that's good idea..."

It was then I knew I wanted to create create childhood memories for children today using something people see every day. My orange barrels would create a fun environment to teach children more bout their home state and transport them to states they've always wanted to visit. Thus The Orange Barrel family was born: Pops, Mimi, Donavan, and Danielle Barrel.

As a social studies teacher, I'm passionate about helping children to engage and fully grasp the world that is developing around them. I saw the need for a cool way to teach children about the things that make each state unique. Their imaginations and my hard work has made The Orange Barrels come to life. Various books and products have been published and launched, including coloring books, book marks, and more. Each book unfolds the mystery of history and geography to teach a lesson they will remember. Orange construction barrels are everywhere. When you see them you will see Pops, Mimi, Donavan, and Danielle, The Orange Barrels family.


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