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You might wonder how I decide which books to add to The Orange Barrels Series. The Orange Barrels series will eventually encompass all states. However, to get started, I used experiences from my own life and picked some of my favorite states to show children how fun learning can be. Since the Buckeye State is my hometown, it seemed natural to start the adventures of The Orange Barrel Family in the great state of Ohio. Pops Barrel, Mimi Barrel, Donaven Barrel, and Danielle Barrel begin their travels in Cleveland, my hometown. Shida Huggins brought my vision to life by adding illustrations to my words.

As much as I love "The Land", my journeys took me to Atlanta, GA where I currently reside. Inspired by the history of Atlanta and the whole state, Georgia served as the setting for another book in the series. Accompanied by the illustrations of Aaron Williams, The Orange Barrels in Georgia teach children about the wonders of the Peach State.

I have many friends in Texas and enjoy spending time there. So, I decided to choose Texas, the Lone Star State, for another book. Everything is bigger in Texas, including my book. It is longer than The Orange Barrels in Ohio and Georgia and includes a special dedication to a fan of The Orange Barrels series. I enjoy finding ways to connect with my audience through my books and dedicating my work to special supporters is one way I can show my appreciation for them. Who knows? Maybe a book can be dedicated to you one day.

After The Orange Barrels traveled around Texas, I decided it was time for them to head back east to the Sunshine State. Florida is a great place to visit and it definitely lives up to its nickname. Pops, Mimi, Donaven, and Danielle visit Disney World, the JFK Space Center, and more to teach children about the geography and history of Florida. And of course, I write about other cool things to experiences like food and sports. Stay tuned for more travels of The Orange Barrels.

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